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Mini quiches
with bacon,cheese,vegetable
wine suggestion: Merlot 2011”Sud” primito

Cold Mediterean cuts
different cheese, parma ham & more
wine suggestion: Cabernet sauvignon Xanadu 2009

Seafood aoili / mussels & shrimp.
wine suggestion: Chianti classico Peppoli 2009 DOCG

Tuna salad with anchovy mediterean style
wine suggestion: Chardonnay l’Altro 2010

Chicken wings with home-made peanutsauce
wine suggestion: Muller Thurgao–alto adige 2011

Chicken soup with crispy breadsticks “my style”
wine suggestion: Cotes du Rhone blanc, Parallele 2011

French fried with 3 different sauces
All homemade, dill garlic sauce, curry ketchup, cold peanutsauce

Sparkeling wines by bottle

Italy -sparkling rose Fantinel spumante brut
Medium dry,light bodied
Enjoy with actualy all our food

Italy -"MO" prosecco extra dry
Lively, dry and crisp. apple, white plum.
seafood aioli with shrimp and mussel, must try

Sparkeling wines by 2glasses

Italy -Cascine piccolo prosecco extra Dry
Lovely, dry and crisp.
enjoy, with some mini quiches with salami

Italy-Batasiolo Moscato piccolo spumante dolce
Crisp, and fruity. Ripe apple.
Eat some sweet... our “party mix” nuts and raisins

White wines by bottle or glass

Australia-little Yering Chardonnay 2010
light, medium dry, easy drinking with
fresh springroll with shrimp

France-Parallele 2011 Cotes du Rhone blanc
medium bodied, dry, soft. peach, spice.
enjoy with the “cold cuts”

Italy-Alto Adige 2011 Muller Thurgao
supple, elegant, aromatic
choose chickensoup or chicken wings

N.Zealand-Marlborough Te Muna 2011 Sauvignon blanc
crisp, light, white plum, mineral, lemon
lovely with shrimp with bacon on a stick

Italy-Saint Helena Fantinel 2011 Pinot Grigio
off dry, medium bodied. floral, pear, apple
taste with crispy pastry& spicy sauce

Italy-l’Altro 2010 Chardonnay
dry, crisp, rich, apple, peach.
special with a tuna salad with anchovy

Red wines by bottle or glass

Argentina-La Consulta 2010 Malbec La Celia
full bodied, tannic/juicy. plum, blackberry.
sugg: crispy pastry with a spicy sauce

Italy-”Sud” primito Merlot 2011
medium bodied and juicy. plums, cherries.
pairing with our quiches

Australia-Xanadu 2009 Cabernet sauvignon
full bodied, tannic, warm. mint
good match with our “cold cuts”

Italy-Palazzo Grimani 2010 Valpolicella Ripasso
rich, warm and silky.
Sugg: chicken on the stick with Malaysian peanut sauce

Italy-Peppoli 2009 DOCG Chianti classico
medium to full bodied. cherries,spice.
Try our: seafood aioli/with shrimp and mussels

France-La Clappe Les Bartelles AOP 2008 Shiraz-Grenache Lanquedoc
full bodied, dry. spice, plums, herb.
have to drink, and eat a tuna salad with anchovy.


° 100 piper
° Johnie Walker red label
° Johnie Walker black label
° Jack Daniels

° Wodka absolute

° Barcardi white ron

° Gordon gin

° Campari
° Sambuca
° Grappa
° Malibu
° Jagermeister
° Hennesy cognac
° Bailey’s cream
° Kahlua
° Limoncello

° Whisky-red label/coca cola
° 100 piper/coca cola
° Barcardi /coca cola
° Gin/tonic
° Wodka/orange juice
° Malibu/ pinapple juice
° Campari /soda
° Barcardi breeezer

° Heineken
° Singha
° Leo
° Chang
° San Miquel light

° WAIWERA import from NZ- still or sparkling WATER
° coca cola
° sprite
° tonic
° lemon juice
° orange juice
° water
° sodawater
° Spy

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